2 static IP addresses blocks from the same ISP

  • Hello!

    I have a static IP block with base address: (Gateway:
    We have requested one more block and got (Gateway:

    Here what they got in their routing table:
    Route entry:
     Instance: global
     Type: Static; Cost: 0
     Individual Trap Mode: disabled
     Redistribute Via: OSPF
     Route status: Best
     Nexthop:; Interface: xxxx.xxxx
       Path status: Active
       Preference (config/current): xxx

    So, the second block is routed to the first one since they can do only 1 block to one physical interface. I am currently using Windows 2008 to do all the routing (for 1st block, w/o using the 2nd yet) but would like to switch to pfSense. Can someone tell me how to setup this in pfSense? Should I use Firewall => Virtual IPs? Virtual interface?

    Thank you!

  • I think proxy arp type vips would work in this case.

  • @podilarius:

    I think proxy arp type vips would work in this case.

    how do you specify the Gateway for the second set of IP addresses? Can you tell me a little more in details.
    Thank you!

  • You won't have a gateway for the proxy arp. It will use the default wan gateway.  The ISP is routing to the existing wan address therefore pfsense will have to route them or use them. Proxy arp is a way to use them. Other wise they would need to be routed to internal machines.