Multi wan with static route e route group

  • Hello, this is my scenario.
    Three location: A B C. Two redudant link with different subnet between A –> B and A --> C
    There is a static route from A to B and from A to C
    I have created a gateway group. Now i just want to add the static route, but i cannot choose gateway group as gateway fort the static route. So if link1 goes down how can I switch to link2? I can choose the gateway group only from firewall rules but not from static route...

  • You can't assign a gateway group to a static route.  That's contrary to what a static route is; a specific route that network traffic must always follow.  Gateway groups or failover groups are adaptive routes that allow traffic to go through one or more alternate routes when a certain condition exists.

    You would need to remove your static routes if you want to use any kind of failover or redundancy.

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