No default queue within qInternet?

  • Hi there!

    Over the last week I've been learning a lot about the HFSC traffic shaper, I read tons of links and posts, and managed to configure it to work reasonably well as per the way I wanted it to work.

    Still, I have problems shaping the downstream traffic. I have just 1 WAN and 1 LAN (running on pfSense 2.0.2) The problem seems to be that no matter what option I choose, the wizard creates the following hierachy on the LAN interface:

    –qLink (default queue)
    ----etc, etc

    The qLink queue does not have any upperlimit as per the wizard, the qInternet does. The point is that within qInternet, there's no default queue! I would expect something like "qInternet--qDefault" where to direct all bulk traffic.

    As I read on some old bug reports, the qLink queue looks intented to bypass the shaper on inter-LAN traffic, is that right? Then I don't understand why that queue is even created if I tell the wizard I only have 1 LAN, and furthermore why it is set as the default queue, so all uncategorized WAN->LAN traffic gets unshaped, and why there isn't a "default queue" within qInternet??

    Is there something I am missing here? I tried to "trust" the wizard, at least for the basic hierachy, but this got me lost... I could always generate the whole config manually I guess, but wanted to double check.

    Could you please clarify??

    Thanks a lot as usual!!


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