Suggestions on a i3 build wanted

  • I was hoping that a few people could provide a 1u(hopefully, if not 2u) i3 build with 2x Intel nics. The goal would be cheap as possible with known good compatible hardware.

    Connection is 80/30 fiber to the home
    The features wanted in no particular order:
    Low power
    snort and squid capable without sacrificing performance
    IPSec road warrior (2-3 clients max using AES 256 or Blowfish)
    Will do traffic shaping/qos for VoIP (2 lines) and ps3/xbox360
    Captive Portal (5-10 clients at ~1meg up/down cap)

    I have another thread about a supermicro atom box, looking at slightly higher specs for this quote.

    Thanks for all the help this forum offers, it is a great resource for pfsense new comers

  • Go for a i3 compatible mini-ITX mobo and 6GB RAM and you should be all set. You could do it in 4GB as well but Snort package sometimes has issues and needs additional RAM. Haven't seen it behave that bad in sometime but you never know.

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