Java & flash download blocked by HAVP

  • is it normal that i get the error: Heuristics.Broken.Executable when downloading java and flash? should i let them pass threw or should i just leave them blocked?

  • Java and Flash have had some bad press recently due to some bugs which has lead to some zero day exploits (see news on Microsoft & Apple being hacked).

    I've noticed two weeks ago ESET considered old java setup programs as a virus when its never done that before so its possible some AV companies are treating Java (and Flash) as bad until Oracle (and Adobe) get their act together.

  • ok, see i didn't know what to think, i have always had problems with java, seems whenever it's on my computer i can expect it to have problems, but lately i have been playing minecraft so it's kind of necessary. I'm also on youtube a lot, in the meantime i think ill just bypass HAVP if it's not going to harm my computer (theoretically), i was just wondering if it wasn't someone tampering with the download.

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