Problem with ¨Pftop¨

  • Good Morning Friends

    The pfsense is the excelent project! in my work have above the 15 machines in the different country´s with pfsense ,  i have  problem with the pftop !! 
    I need your help to solve the problem.

    My pfsense hardware is the Dell PowerEdge R710 , pfsense 2.0.2 64 bits,

    Currently I have installed five new sites pfsenses for my company and three of them have the same problem, the strange thing is that some are 32bits and 64bits, pfsense and bug me one mounted in 64bits and the other two are in 32bit, five are Dell.

    I experimented updated to version 2.0.2 and similarly follows me out the problem

  • What do you see if you ssh to the systems displaying the problem and select option 9 (pfTop)? What do you see if you select option 8 (shell) then issue the pftop command?

  • thanks for you help.

    The same problem!

  • I presume "State no entries" means you have no connections THROUGH the firewall even though you have connections TO the firewall box.

    I don't now what "pfTop: Down" means: packet filtering disabled? or "no through connections"? Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a man page for pftop in the FreeBSD man page collection. I suggest you look through the system log to see if packet filtering has been enabled (or not enabled).

  • @wallabybob:

    Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a man page for pftop in the FreeBSD man page collection.

    Here's the OpenBSD System Manager's Manual man page for pftop.

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    The "Down" state typically means that pf is disabled. That means you went to System > Advanced, on the Firewall/NAT tab, and checked "Disable all packet filtering" (or manually ran pfctl -d).

    Running with pf disabled means that the firewall won't do any NAT or filtering, which is usually a bad thing except in some routing scenarios inside a larger network.

  • Thanks for the help

    already tried disabling the check, and if it works!

    That's right I have marked the check ¨ Disable all packet filtering.¨ , but that is because of my scenario the network is very big and there is communication between pfsense.

    The pfsense have 5 interfaces

    WAN (Internet)
    OPT1 (Data)
    OPT2 (VOIP)
    OPT3 (Respaldo Data)

    Is there a way to run the RRD Graphs and pftop!  taking active check??

    Already tried installing trafshow however does not work like the pftop because what I need is to see which of my LAN IP is entering the public IP address to monitor income.

    Excuse my English!

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    The RRD graphs work using pf's counters, so they will not work with pf disabled.

    pfTop works using pf states, which do not exist if pf is disabled.

    For a console program like that, I prefer iftop.

    For graphing you'll need to graph from a different machine via SNMP if you want graphs.

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