Added a second LAN and the second LAN cannot connect to the internet.

  • Today i am trying to break up my network into three subnets.
      1) Wired network.
      2) Wireless network.
      3) Servers, printers, and other utilities.

    I got the two new network cards today, some nice new Linksys gigabit NIC's, and since i just use an ASUS router in AP mode i dont need a wireless NIC. But after i rebooted the system, then enabled the interfaces, i noticed two things.

    1) Those new interfaces cant acess the internet and i dont know why.
      2) If im on my desktop on the wired network, i cant reach my file server on the other network.

    The way i currently have it configured is:

    WAN-      DHCP

    I dont know if that is right, im kinda new to PFsense and networking like this as a whole, so i need all the help i can get.

    Also, is there a package that i can use to let the networks comunicate? because ill need that to get on my servers. I have a NAS, Minecraft, and LAN Dayz server that me and my brother play. And i need to acess those from the other two networks. Avahi i think is what will work for that… thats the direction another thread pointed me in, but idk.

  • Are the DHCP servers on all three subnets active? Static IP or dynamic for the clients? Please post screenshots of your firewall rules, I think it's the fastest way of us getting a picture of the situation and you getting help.

  • (I changed to two subnets, i released i didn't really need the extra one for servers)

  • you need to add  a "PASS" rule on your WiFi tab, if you want to be able to go to "the internet" from your wifi interface

  • I feel like its more complexed then that

  • Your WiFi definitely won't access anything because there aren't any rules defined.  As you can see in the text in that screen shot, it tells you that nothing will route.

    I also only see three interfaces: WAN, LAN, and WiFi.  Is the LAN both your wired and server/printer interface?  If so, you've got that interface set up to route  Your traffic probably won't route out of there.  You'd need to expand the subnet to to cover the range and move your subnet ranges to accommodate the new subnet mask.

    I don't see a fourth interface which would accommodate your 1) WAN, 2) Wired, 3) Wireless, and 4) Servers, etc.  That's why I'm asking about the servers and Wired being on the same interface.

  • Im sorta scrapping the server/printer network. It will just run off the wired LAN.

  • i am by no means a pro/expert… but my first thought was are u using auto NAT or Manual NAT?

    if manual nat, you need to add mapping...

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