Two VPN's configured but only one will connect

  • I have 3 sites all with a different IP scheme as in 192.168.0 and the next at .1 and the last at .2.  Both remote sites (.1.and .2) need to have iPsec VPN back to the main site at .0. All 3 routers are the same Netgate boxes with pFsense all on the same version. All have Internet access all with the same ISP. All 3 boxes have the exact same configuration for the ipsec except of course for the IP scheme. The vpn for the .1 site is connected fine. However the .2 site will not connect. I notice that the SAD tab on the remote router for the .2 network has nothing in it whereas the main .0 router does. I have removed both the config for the .2 site from both the main router and the .2 router and then put them back in again. Still nothing.

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