[solved] What is "//"?

  • I was trying to build nanobsd and it fails where the linking is going on. I saw in the logs lines like this:

    ln /usr/src/sys /usr/obj/nanobsd.full//usr/src/tmp/lib…

    I've been working with unix-style operating systems for many years but I have not run into "//" before. Can someone tell me what that is so I can chase this down? I tried googling it but it's not the sort of thing that searches well.

  • I don't think the double slash is where your problem is.  To test this for yourself, try these on your unix-style operating system:

    ls -la /etc/rc.d/
    ls -la /etc//rc.d/
    diff /etc/rc.d/ /etc//rc.d/
    diff /etc/rc.d/ /etc/////////////////////////////////////////rc.d/

    also see:

  • Thanks for that link, exactly what I was looking for. I should have thought of searching the phrase "double slash"!

    It's not that I thought double slashes were a problem; it's that I didn't know what it meant, and thought it might be something significant.

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