Mod_security reverse proxy

  • If I setup one proxy server with mod_security for reverse proxy to 3 more Apache web servers behind, what problems with hosting websites can I experience? I mean is every component of websites (scripts, flash, images and other website parts) will load normally like it will in normal situation then router forward 80 port to a single apache web server?

    Thank you.

  • Anyone? Is nobody use this reverse proxy feature in PFsense?

  • I'd be interested to know this as well. My web server just got hacked, and this looks like an awesome tool to help prevent intrusion.

  • Implement this for security reson is well know solution. But I affraid that various website could not translate data right.
    I remember then I got two indentical web servers. But their communication was different. 80 port was forwarded directly to server A and
    the second one (B) got just apache redirection from A. I installed comments commponent into my website CMS which resides on B and it's not work.
    Then I transfered all website to A server and everything was ok. So my question, do similar problems with reverse proxy can arise in most situation or just in
    a very very very rare cases ?

    By the way let's take example of online internet proxies servers. If you enter website URL and try to open website in most cases I have tried look of website was messed up.

  • I bet that there is people using this mod_security feature :) I plan to move on this architecture several hundreds domains.
    Do you imagine a couple of hundreds phone call that it's something wrong with there inserted flash, or fancy PHP script not work :)
    Any comment will be very appreciate.

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