• I would like to know if the following is possible:

    I have 2 PPPOE accounts from my ISP which i would like to switch between at certain times of the day. 1 account must run from 7pm - 7am Mon - Fri and the other one from 7am - 7pm Mon - Fri. In the past i used a Mikrotik routerboard 750 which allowed me to setup 2 PPPOE accounts and then schedule them to connect for the various times of day. I would like to know if this is possible with pfsense. I have an adsl modem which can be set to bridged mode.

    So my question is, can this actually be done? I have searched everywhere but all references point to multi-wan. I don't have a multi-wan but instead i have 1 ADSL line which i would like to use 2 PPPOE accounts on. If this can be done, how would it be done? Can PPPOE accounts be created on the pfsense machine and set to connect and disconnect at various times according to a schedule? Or is there any other way to go about this, like using 3 NICS in pfsense machine and then just routing the traffic at the correct times of day?

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