PFSense Rant

  • i am really getting **** fed up with pfsense. I can't get my **** wifi to work, i constantly have to reset to factory defaults. I AM BEGINNING TO **** HATE IT WITH LACK OF DOCUMENTATION. It's becoming a joke as I speak right now. Everytime I try to get the wifi working, some of the problems I **** keep getting!

    • IP Address takes forever to obtain
      DNS Server often dosen't respond
      dosen't identify in windows
      SSID sometimes dosen't show

    I am getting **** sick and tired of this **** . I am trying to redo my network, but pfsense is being a pain in my **** ass. I'm sick of it. End Rant

    Edit: I also tried adding the rule into the firewall and still doesn't **** work. I also sometimes get ttl has expired, which is a new issue that often pops up. Once the DNS Server was somehow the ip of the gateway, which again I don't **** understand. Yes I have lost my paitents with pfsense

  • I am sorry you feel that way.

    Have you tried asking for help on these forums?  Or maybe get the pfSense book for more documentation?

    Are you using a pf appliance?  Or a PC?

  • Ive just read through all your previous posts and can't see enough info to make any real guesses other than to ask if you have gateways for all your LAN interfaces?

    LAN interfaces should not have any "Gateways" selected.

  • If you need help, we need you to engage with us. I haven't seen any posts from you about your DHCP lease issues, your "dosen't identify in windows" problem (whatever you mean by that) or your issue with the SSID. Also you made a total of 2 posts on your DNS issue and haven't been back to that thread since johnpoz last responded.

    So, if you need help, rather than swearing, try asking (calmly and politely) for help and when people ask for information provide that information. Ranting achieves nothing useful.

  • Netgate Administrator

    At least you labelled this <rant>which is much better than just ranting in an existing thread!  ;)

    Also reading back through your previous posts I agree with chpalmer above. In your wifi post nobody pointed out that you have a gateway set on your wifi interface which you should not. If you set a gateway pfSense will treat that interface as a WAN which can cause all manner of problems.


    Edit: @skullabyss:

    Yes I have lost my paitents with pfsense

    The difference between patience and patients in this comment made me chuckle.</rant>

  • On the surface this sounds like a network design issue or possible hardware related.  We're here to help, so state your issue and provide details, so we help you identify a possible config issue, subnetting issue, flaw in network design, hardware issue or bug in the software.

    Honestly, if you have your network deployed "properly"… DNS, DHCP, WAP's, etc should all be handled outside of the firewall anyway... I do not think PFsense is your issue.

    There are people here who have dedicated years of their time to provide you with a solid product for FREE, so less ranting... it just inflames the community.

    Clearly defined goals, issues, details and a map of your network posted in the proper forum is the way to go... the dev's and the community will be happy to help.

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