Network problems with vlan

  • Setup:
    pfsense 2.1 x64 running in vbox on W7 host
    two virtio-net adapters, one bridged to marvell 1g nic (all windows stuff disabled, also tried with intel nic), other - to loopback adapter.
    local lan is vlan33

    if I connect pfsense to access port (no vlan management in pfsense), everything if fine (can access web config, etc).
    if pfsense is connected to trunk port (pfsense: LAN (lan) -> vtnet0_vlan33 -> v4: pinging, ssh is fine, but web config page keeps loading forever (can't even get to login dialog).

    What could be the cause of such behaviour?

    attached is a capture  of network data then pfsense main page is loading (K12 textfile).


  • Perhaps you have a MTU issue. VLAN tags take a couple of bytes in the frame.

  • Moved to vmware and lan problems are gone, but now the same thing is happening for wan (basically there are a lot of retransmitions/dup acks in tcp connections), lowering mtu/mss does not help.

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