Hardware for 200++ user connections

  • Hi,

    I need to build up wifi service, using pfsense to local authenticate via voucher generate by pfsense and it just install squirt package, capable of 200+ user connected simultaneously, is it below hardware requirement supported?

    1. Intel Quad Core i5 3470 3.20Ghz
    2. Asus Intel B75 Chipset MB
    3. 8GB 1600Mhz DDR3 Memory
    4. 1TB Sata6.0 Harddisk
    5. Gigabit Internet Lan Port & 1 PCI GIGABIT LAN CARD NX-1101
    6. 500Watts Power Supply Unit with ATX Casing

    Thank you for all of you guys advise.

  • @l_liet:

    and it just install squirt package

    I don't know squirt. Do you mean squid or snort or something else?


    1. Gigabit Internet Lan Port & 1 PCI GIGABIT LAN CARD NX-1101

    I would recommend a PCI-Express card over a PCI card. PCI bus will be saturated before 1Gbps, PCI Express can do 1Gbps each direction.


    1. 500Watts Power Supply Unit with ATX Casing

    500W is likely far more than you need. 300W is likely rather more than you need. Power supplies are more efficient near their rated load than when supplying a small fraction of their rated load.

  • Yes, I mean squid package. Thank you for the advise.

  • definately wouldnt use a PCI ethernet nic with 200+ users…

    if your gonna use vouchers and Captive Portal AND snort or squid, more ram the better.
    somewhere around 32G i would suspect would be ideal..

  • Thank you for advise on ram, will take it into consideration. Apart from ram, the board and the processors is enough?

  • Netgate Administrator

    What is your WAN connection bandwidth?


  • Still not sure what will telco provide, but mostly will be Metro-E 10Mbps.

  • Netgate Administrator

    That system is massively overspecced for 10Mbps throughput.
    It could probably handle >1Gbps with Snort and Squid.


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