Site to site vpn Sonicwall to pfsense

  • Hi, i have a Sonicwall (HomeOffice) that i want to connect with VPN to a pfsense (Office). When doing this with sonicwall to sonicwall its easy to setup that the home office connects TO the office so i dont need to setup any gateway/ip/hostname on the office since that wouldt not connect to the home office.

    Is it possible to setup that the Sonicwall connetct to Pfsense in the same way? I dont have a fixed IP at home and i dont want to use DynDNS.
    I want site to site VPN and the home office Sonicwall connetct to the Office pfsense. If i had a Sonicwall in the Office i can use as "IPsec Primary Gateway Name or Address" and then the Office Sonicwall dont try to connects to the home office sonicwall.

    Is this possible with pfsense??

    The attache picture shows a Sonicwall that is in the Office at the moment, there is multiple home offices with Sonicwall's that connect to this sonicwall. As you see there isnt any gateway on the VPN Policy on the Office Sonicwall since all home offices have dynamic IPs. All home office sonicwalls have the keep alive settings set so as soon they are on they make the connection to the office, so the the sonicwall on the office dont need any gateway since it dont need to make/bring up any connection to the home office.

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