Not work for "Using IDENT for User Authentication"

  • I am in pfsense2.0.2 and "dansgrardian pkg v.0.1.7_3 " and "squid 2.7.9 pkg v.4.3.3"

    I do something like this
    1:enable ident auth and install "windows Ident server 2.0" in a winxp sp3
    2:set a reply name "gdy1039" in ident option
    3:in the dansguardian user tab input "gdy1039" in the group.
    4:in winxp go to some web site

    then the rule in the group won't work,and I can't see anything connect in Ident server log.

    I have not use ident before,if something is wrong,please point out for me,thanks so much.

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