Limit band for each ip in the lan: it's possible?

  • hi all, im alessandro.

    Now, i'm trying to set one limit band for each pc (so, ip) in the lan.
    Is it possible with pfsense?

    Ex:  2mbt total
    pc1  - 150kbits up 150kbits down
    pc2  - 150kbits up 150kbits down
    pc3  - 150kbits up 150kbits down

    i have dhcp with range for client in the lan.

    Sorry for bad english, regards

  • Rebel Alliance

    Yes, it is doable, just check the Docs ;)

  • ahahah lol ptt!!! i just read this documents, but i didn't succeed!

    Last night i tried, tried tried so hard and in fine, i have win!!!!

    In the limiter, the settings for my esigenze, is "Mask Destination".

    This  provide the value of limit for every pc in lan!!
    Now, i hope to implementing (and understanding) the queue: i think that is better use all band for pc that realy ask it!

    It's very hard?


  • Hi

    You should create two limiters and set one for mask destination (download to LAN) and one for mask source (upload from LAN).

    Then add a FW rule above your default rule on the LAN and add the limiters to this.
    IN = upload from LAN (with source mask)
    OUT = download to LAN (with destination mask)

    This way all clients will get there own sets of limiters

    You can read it in the link from ptt under "Dynamic queue creation"

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