New user have some questions

  • Hello all

    I am new to pfSense and the community !

    I just set up pfSense 2.0.3 yesterday after installing two new 1gb intel nics

    After a nice smooth night of gaming, and such I wake up today and take a look at the system logs just to see how things
    are going and I noticed this..

    pfsense dhclient[44432]: DHCPREQUEST on em1 to port 67

    now em1 is my WAN card…, my network internally is 192.x.x.x , so I am not sure where this request is coming from
    is there a way or method i can use to find out ?  Or can anyone give me some insight on what maybe going on..

    All settings are still at the defaults after a new install nothing else has been configured or changed.

    thanks for any suggestions/help in advance

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Quite possible your wan dhcp server for ISP..  Look in your lease to see the IP of your ISP dhcp server.

    So for example mine is.

    lease {
     interface "em1";
     fixed-address 24.13.xx.xx;
     option subnet-mask;
     option routers 24.13.xx.xx;
     option domain-name-servers,;
     option host-name "pfsense";
     option domain-name "";
     option broadcast-address;
     option dhcp-lease-time 345600;
     option dhcp-message-type 5;
     option dhcp-server-identifier;
     renew 2 2013/3/19 04:04:42;
     rebind 3 2013/3/20 16:04:42;
     expire 4 2013/3/21 04:04:42;

    You can find your lease for you em1 interface in /var/db

    Looks to me just like your wan renewing its IP is all.  Just because your have a public IP on your your interface, does not mean your dhcp server has to be on a public IP address.

  • Thanks for the info,

    again new to all this , can you advise me on how to retrieve the suggested information ?


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    just shell to your pfsense box and using the shell cat your /var/db/dhclient.leases.em1

    or using the gui use the file editor and look at the file, under diag menu, edit file

    Have to assume if you want interface is sending a dhcprequest to that IP, that is your dhcp server ;)  After it got an dhcpOFFER, after it sent out a dhcpDiscover.

  • Awsome

    thanks for the input and looks like you were correct ! …

    option dhcp-server-identifier;

    is in the file .

    again thanks for the help. will post again if I have anymore questions !


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    np - glad I could be of help.

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