TCP Connection timeout

  • Hi, we used pfsense since long time ago without any issue.
    We are currently having some issue with outgoing (internal -> wan) tcp connection (smtp) timeout.
    The pfsence box (an esxi vm) is configured as a transparent bridge with a rule which allow traffic from the internal host to anywhere using any protocol (using a customized gateway, cause there are two ip network on the same physical).
    On the server behind pfsense the most (almost all) outgoing connection connection hang like this (netstat output):
    tcp        0    443        ESTABLISHED
    tcp        0  1185        ESTABLISHED
    tcp        0  3442        ESTABLISHED

    I've already checked the state table which is quite empty 605/15000. Where's the problem ? Any hint ?
    Note: if I remove the firewall in between all work flowless.

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