Enabling limiter kills pfsense traffic

  • Hello,

    I'm having an odd issue where if I enable a limiter it kills all traffic going to and through the pfsense firewall.  I can actually create the limiter and save it, but once I enable it all traffic to/from/through the box dies.  The only thing I'm doing is giving the limiter a name and then inputting the bandwidth.  By the time I save it and apply the changes I can't access the pfsense box in order to assign the limiters to a rule.  I have to plug a keyboard in and issue pfctl -d, then log in through the web gui, then disable/delete the limiter rules.  Any idea why this is going on?


  • No sorry. Icannot reproduce it.
    It sounds like a bug of some kind. I have spend all weekend trying out different things with the limiter. Creating and deleting limiters over and over and I have had no problem doing that.

    Limiteres first really come to use after beeing assigned to a firewall rule. Therefore it is even more weird that your box messes up just after a limiter has been created.

    Time to do a restore to factory defaults and try again?

    Good luck with your project.

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