MSI 970a-g46

  • Has anyone been able to get this motherboard to work with pfsense stable builds?  I've used the live cd to boot the went to install it says can't find the hard drive.  I went and got a new hd still the same error.  I tried Linux still no go.  If not this motherboard which one might you suggest I have a AMD 8350.

  • You might want to change the hard drive connector settings in the BIOS. Sometimes changing from SATA to IDE in the BIOS options works.

  • I changed it from AHCI to IDE and it still was no go.  Btw I just tried the daily builds pfsense 2.1Beta1-pfsense it worked!!  Now I need to do some testing and lock it down like my Cisco ASA 5510.  ACL's suck

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