Squide reverse proxy AND NAT

  • Hello

    I'm in a complicated issue.

    I have created reverse proxy rules.
    From outside my LAN is accessible thrue xxx.mydomain.com
    From outside my LAN is accessible thrue yyy.mydomain.com

    Internal DNS is xxx.mydomain.com is yyy.mydomain.com

    I have to add the port inside the LAN

    Is there a way to have the equivalent of reverse proxy with prefix name from my domain in order to access services without entering the port inside the LAN

    Many thanks for help

  • Hi stan

    You could change your internal dns to point to the external IP that publishes the site through squid.
    That way your internal clients will access the site through squid just as external users do.

    If you NAT forward to the loopback adapter and have squid listening on that, i guess you could enable NAT reflection to allow this to work


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