How to install in server environment

  • Can someone help me please i am working at an institution and i have a server in this institution how can i configure pfsense to run along with the server please someone help me  :( :( :(

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    pfSense is a complete OS. It would usually replace any previous OS your server is running. Install it from the CD or USB stick like any other OS.
    If you want to run it along side some other OS on the same machine you need to run it as a virtual machine.


  • no i dont mean that way i have a server issuing dhcp and i want to install it on a separate machine but i want to know how to configure it to work along witn the server on different machine.

  • If you just mean that you have a server doing the DHCP and DNS for your LAN and now you want a pfSense firewall/router to connect your LAN to the internet, then no problem. Do not enable DHCP on pfSense, and make the server DHCP give out the pfSense LAN address as the gateway. Then clients will get DHCP from the server, use the server for DNS and use pfSense as the gateway to route to the internet. The server will also need to have its gateway set to the pfSense LAN address and be told and upstream DNS server address to use.
    If there is something more complicated about what you need, then post details of your current network and what you need.

  • thank you so much am gonna try and see if it works

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    what do you mean see if it works? ;)

    Yes it will work that way..  That is how you do what you asked.

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    ^ seems like a long way to go about it, cloning

    Why not just take a snapshot of your pfsense VM, and then do your update - if everything goes good your on the new machine in a simple 1 step update.  If goes wrong, just rollback to your snap

    Cloning and then bringing up new vm seems like more work to me ;)

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