Floating rule, Alias in source or destination for both ways?

  • I have an aliasgroup of clients on LAN that should go into qOthersLow queue.

    Can this be done with a single floating rules?
    Or two floating rules?
    Or a single floating rule plus a LAN interface rule?

    This is my setup but it only works for traffic download (seen from clinet). Client upload is not in qOthersLow queue:

    • Create new floating rule
    • Action: Queue
    • QUICK to apply it at once
    • no interface (then it should count for all interfaces?...)
    • Direction is any (again to bind traffic in both directions)
    • source: alias "lowPrio" with low priority clients on LAN
    • destination: any
    • acc/queue: qACK / qOthersLow

    It works for traffic in. That goes into the qOthersLow on WAN
    But traffic out does not go into qOthersLow

    What should I change to make sure both traffic in and out from/to clients on LAN go into qOthersLow?

    BR. Anders

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You can't have a floating rule that checks out on WAN with a private IP source - NAT has already happened, there's no way to match it by IP.

  • Sorry. First see your answer now.

    Thanks a lot. I will experience with a LAN/WAN rule and see if I can get same result.

    BR. Anders

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