3G Connection Questions

  • I am using pfsense 2.01 on an Alix2d3 box. At the moment I have 2 ADSL internet lines that work perfect load balanced very happy with it. I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone and use the Three 3G One Plan in the UK. As part of the package that allows me to tether the phone and gives me unlimited internet usage. I wanted to use my Samsung Galaxy S3 as a 3rd line to increase my download speed on my pfsense box. As I love a long way from the telephone exchange and my ADSL speeds are not great.

    If I plug the phone in via USB to the Alix2d3 box my phone recognizes its been plugged in and will allow me to tether via USB on the phone. But when I got into PPP on pfsense it does not see the phone as plugged in as it shows nothing on Link Interface. My guess is the phone is just not compatible with pfsense. I have looked at the 3g/4g list of Modems/Phones supported by pfsense and unfortunately mine is not listed.

    Guess my question is in 2 parts. Has anyone managed to get pfsense to work with the Samsung Galaxy S3 ?

    If not then my second question would be. Admittedly I have no idea if this is even possible. But could tether my phone to a spare PC I have. Then connect the internet connection to pfsense via that PC ?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • When you tether by USB your phone MIGHT be recognised by pfSense as a USB ethernet interface.

    Please tether your phone then give the pfSense shell command```
    usbconfig show_ifdrv

    PfSense is not yet well equipped to deal with intermittently connected devices. You will probably find that pfSense doesn't reboot cleanly on the first reboot after you have configured your phone.

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