PfSense newbie looking for advice

  • Hi Everyone.

    Let me start by saying, thanks for this wonderful project.

    I run a small cPanel hosting service and I am trying to address the issue with SYN/Sppofed-SYN attacks we've been getting lately on our server.
    First of all, can pfSense + SNORT module help with stopping SYN/SSYN attacks? To what extent?

    All the DOS/DDOS filtered dedicated hosting is too expensive (the goods ones anyway), so I was planning on investing on a new server and set it up like this (I am complete newbie with pfSense with some knowledge about networking - enough to get by). I was wondering if this setup would work?

    The Server

    e3 Xeon 1230
    4 Cores 8 Threads
    16GB RAM
    1+TB HD/120+GB SSD
    1Gbps Port

    The Setup

    I will be using XEN Hyper-V ( and on the server, there will be two VPS:

    1. pfSense VPS
    2. cPanel VPS (running VPS Optimised cPanel)

    Some questions I had (for now)

    • Would I be able to use one VPS to filter the traffic and pass it onto the other VPS running cPanel?

    • Is there any limitation with one NIC on the physical server? Will I need more?

  • Im no means in any way an expert but will link CMB from another thread:,51238.0.html

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