TCP Window Size

  • I am on a satellite connection, with first hop latency between 560-580ms.  My ISP has recommended I increase my TCP Window size.  How can I do this in pfsense?

    If anyone has any other recommendations for satellite users, I'd be very appreciative.



    This used to matter more when connections were slower but increasing in speed and before the standard OS's really became meant to deal with the new latency speed combinations.

    With satellite, I used to get a little better performance out of our system… But that was older technology and Windows 2000.

    Newer OS's are supposed to handle todays connections much better and should pretty much work out of the box. Once again though the satellite thing... has an optimization program you can look for... or has a program that can help you if your XP or earlier...

    Your on your own if it breaks. I assume nothing ect ect...     Good Luck!

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