Totally confused!

  • All I am trying to do is allow multiple machines with different subnets to get out on the internet using pfsense. I have tried many different things, none have worked. The closest I got is that I can see a machine on one subnet reaching the pfsense box in the firewall log. I am not sure what the gateway should be for all of my machines on different subnets. Totally lost. Can someone please help me?

  • OK, I figured this out on my own. I knew it was something simple.

    Protocol should be set to ANY and destination should be set to ANY on all entries created.
    1. Create a virtual IP on the lan interface. Set the type to network. Enter the network address you would like to use. I used
    2. Create a firewall rule for the lan interface.  Set type to network. Enter the network address you used in step 1.
    3. Go to NAT-OUTBOUND. Change to manual. Create an entry. Set source to Network. Then use the address you used in step 1.

    Now configure you computer or virtual machine with a static ip address in the same subnet. I used I set the default gateway to I then set the DNS server to and I am sure any other external DNS server will work fine.

    It is all working for me now. I am not sure if it is the correct way to do it but I am going with it. I hope this helps someone else.

  • Are you running different subnets on VLANs or on different physical network interfaces?? The gateway for the PCs should be the pfSense IP address assigned on that interface (either virtual or physical)

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