Log length, Visble vs hidden log data, disk space?

  • On the logging pages, is the visible log info on the page the only logging that the server does, or are there additional hidden pages of log data that can't be accessed?

    On the settings tab, there's a section for "Number of log entries to show" – and there's no explanation of what exactly I'm choosing to do here.

    Am I actually physically increasing the size of the logfiles stored on the system when I increase the number of log lines? Or am I just showing more info that is already being logged but not displayed?

    (If there is additional logging that is not visible, why can't it be accessed through the web interface? Why is there no "Page 2, Page 3... Page 100" etc option?)

    Although it's said that pfSense doesn't need much disk space, I've installed it on an 8 gig VMWare virtual disk. Does it automatically make use of the extra gigs of space for logging? If no, is the some way to increase the size of the log files or add logrotation?

    If I set the number of visible log lines to say 2000 lines, what effect does that have on the server in terms of either memory usage or disk space?

    No upper limit appears to defined in the documentation for the max number of log lines in the web console. Is there a maximum? Obviously showing a million log lines would be slow..... but can it complete that request?

    (I'd rather not screw up the firewall config I've been working on so far, by setting it to a huge million line value. But I have bumped it up to show 400 log lines currently.)

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