Is there a built-in VPN that just works with Windows 7..

  • …and isn't PPTP?

    I've seen this and...,55754.msg297921.html#msg297921

    Good grief that is complicated.

    I just want something simple that I can write on a 3"x5" card to hand to nontechnical staff so they can use Windows RDP over an encrypted VPN tunnel from their personal laptop or home computer.

    Is this even possible to do, without PPTP?

  • PPTP is the only built-in option on Windows that's really straight forward. But it's essentially completely insecure in addition to the other problems inherent in the protocol, so don't use it. Use OpenVPN.

  • What about IPSec - what are the drawbacks?  I've been using it for quite some time in XP, Win7, and OS X.  It's fairly straightforward to set up as it required no additional software.  The drawbacks I see are that it sometimes doesn't work behind some firewalls or over some cellular data connections.

    OpenVPN can be a bit intimidating to set up and requires the installation of a client package - I certainly don't see the directions fitting on a 3x5 card.  On the up side the facilities for exporting the client config package to a PC from the pfSense have been a welcome addition that greatly simplifies the process!

  • I was using PPTP and supporting IPSec via 3rd party software for years on pfSense.  Finally broke down a few months ago and implemented OpenVPN.  I'm very happy with OpenVPN and it's ability to pump out client configuration files or integrate into Active Directory.

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