Squidguard Success on pfsense 2.01

  • Squidguard seems to break squid 2 and squid3. There are many solutions offered but none of them worked for me.
    Here is how I succeeded. I am not an expert but trial and error yielded this method.

    Make sure it is a new install or at least you have not attempted to install squid.
    Install squidguard. Squidguard seems to install squid components again and breaks squid.
    Now install squid3
    Configure squid and save
    Configure squidguard, save and apply
    Go back to squid and save again.
    Go to Status>Services and start squid then squidguard if not started.

    Even removing the packages and re-installing in this order does not work as well.
    I have been able to duplicate this process numerous times. I hope it works for you

  • Thx alot for the tip, I'm going to try this. I was going crazy no being able to install squidguard without crashing pfsense.
    I just tried this and it works with 2.0.3 !

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