[done]CD Install 2.0.2 on SWRaid1

  • Hello,
    i want to install pfs on 2 sata 160gb disk in raid1. as the wiki told me that is possible and i will asked for it as far pfs finds both disk. but i cant see the option to install swraid on both? i can see both disks as an option to install on, but no raid-option. can anybody help please.thx

  • 24h an no replay. very good to spread such a software. no help no use thats the way.

  • :(   where did you get the idea that anyone here is obligated in any way, to respond at all, within any time frame? maybe you need commercial support? they are 24x7x365 over there.


  • Hi,
    your right a dont have to expect any reply from anyone, but normaly there are some guyes who will answer in 24h ;).

    need commercial support?

    And thats why the pros didnt answer and only the good guys do so ;).

    BUT, folks i have to apologize - sorry for my bad words, but time is one i never have enough. I read the howto exactlier and find the point of geom, which i overread while i thinking it has something to do with geo-redundancy, but i found out that this is the option for raid….

    ok sorry for that and ashes on my head...

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