Traffic shaping advice - multi-lan

  • Hi everyone,

    I wondered if anyone can offer some advice or suggestions to implement appropriate traffic shaping on our setup. I am new to all this and I guess I'm a bit bewildered by the options available to us. The details are below, please let me know if I need to provide more info.

    We have 1 WAN, and 3 LANs (on separate NICs). The WAN speed is 25Mbps in both directions. Each LAN is 1000Mbps full duplex.

    LAN1 - Main office - serves about 30 staff for general internet connectivity, 10-15Mbps in both directions would suffice as a limiter, but we'd like to ensure that everyone gets a fair share and that if someone is downloading a heavy file they don't saturate the bandwidth at the expense of other users, but equally if nobody else is using it then the person(s) downloading should get the full available bandwidth.

    LAN2 - Web Servers - I'm thinking a limiter of 5Mbps in each direction, but again could we get a bit more clever and allow more bandwidth if it is required and won't impact users of LAN1 or LAN3. Or perhaps we should give a lot more outgoing bandwidth from this LAN, since LAN1 and LAN3 will be mostly incoming?

    LAN3 - Public - this is used for devices that aren't on our main network but require internet access - generally our lab spaces and guest machines. Perhaps 5Mbps in each direction… but again, if it isn't being used and there is a requirement for more bandwidth on LAN1 or LAN2 can we accommodate this type of flexibility while still guaranteeing good speeds on this LAN if they are required?

    So, the simplest thing as a starting point seems to be just to set up 3 sets of limiters, say 15Mbps (LAN1) and 5Mbps (both LAN2 and LAN3), but I feel there is probably more flexibility that can be achieved?

    Very grateful for any advice or suggestions!


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