Squidguard: Proxy filter not blocking sites.

  • Squidguard was working fine untill I updated Pfsense to 2.02.  The Proxy filter is not blocking sites. squidguard is setup for transparent proxy.  Any ideas ?

    Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

    Cheiftentoes ;D

  • Hi,

    what version of squid are you using ? squid2 or squid3 ? If you are using squid3 you have to install this after squidguard because squidguard comes with squid2.

    Further you can go through the squid GUI pages and click save again to make sure all configs get accepted.
    Make sure that the redirecter custom options are correct in squid custom options.
    Make sure that you re-save GroupACL, Target Categories, Common ACL and click "Save" and after that "Apply" on "General Settings page".

    Sometimes I had the feeling that I need to click "Save" on squid GUI after I did some changes on squidguard. Perhaps this could help you.

    Further check the system log and post the output.
    And make sure that squid service and squidguard service are running.

  • After I upgraded (I think) from 2.0.2 to 2.1, I had a similar issue and had to setup my blacklists again.  I noticed under the Common ACL tab that I could not expand the Target Rules List.  That led me to the blacklist URLs and I noticed it was all gone.  I added it back in, re-downloaded, and it fixed the problem.

  • First of all!  Thank you all for responding to my question. I tried everything that was mentioned and I was unsuccessful in fixing my problem.

    I checked the blocked site logs and it says that it block it, but then I went to my firefox browser and brought up the sites I am trying to block even though it it listed in my blacklist.  I'm using Squidguard 2.

  • Under "Services | Proxy Filter | Common ACL", expand the "Target Rules List (click here)", and what is your "Default Access" set to?

  • Thank You everyone for all you help!  It is now fixed.  I had to reinstall blacklist and this time setup the correct URL for the download and everything went back to normal.

    Again,  Thanks All for your time and efforts.


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