Different PPPOE accounts for IPv4 and IPv6

  • I'm running 2.1 beta.  (Mar 13)
    My ISP provides native IPv6 over a separate PPPOE account.  Is there any way to do that? 
    I only see pppoe as an option under IPv4.  Ideally, I'd be able to select pppoe under the IPv6 section as well and choose a separate login.

  • First I've heard of that type of config. That's almost certainly rare enough it doesn't justify accommodating (doing so would be a lot of work). You should be able to put two NICs into your DSL modem and configure one PPPoE on each to accomplish that. The normal scenario for PPPoE is dual stack over a single PPPoE connection.

  • Did you actually try to go to Interfaces->assign->ppps and create a pppoe link there.
    Assign that and see if it works?

    As cmb said no one has ever tried but it should work in general if you do that.

  • Thanks for the quick replies!
    Ya, figured it was a little out there.
    I'll go with just adding another vNIC and dialing the 2nd pppoe with that.

    Thanks again!
    Loving pfSense, btw - moved here from OpenWRT x86 and haven't looked back!  Not that anything is wrong with OpenWRT - I'm running it on all my WAPs and it's awesome too, but pfSense just has waaay more going for it as an edge device.

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