Multiple public IPs on single WAN

  • I'm not sure if CARP/VIPs handle this, so point me to the right direction if not.

    I have a single WAN interface configured with two public IPs.  I have a server on one public IP and clients on my main public IP.  The clients on the main IP aren't able to see the server.  The clients need to see the server.  How would I accomplish this?

    If you could point me to the right documentation or right area to research, I'm  more than willing to work my problem out that way.  If you have a simple solution or any help at all, that would be great too.  Thanks.

  • Is the server behind the firewall with the clients on the LAN?

  • Yes, they are both behind the same firewall, just on two public IPs coming from the same WAN interface.  They are set up through Firewall –> Virtual IPs.

  • I'm making some assumptions, but you probably need to turn on nat reflection on the server nat rules.

  • Yup NAT reflection OR split DNS. I would choose split DNS. It is much faster than reflection.

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