Replacing Debian Server

  • Guys please I URGENTLY need help

    I have taken over a Debian Proxy / Mail Server and want to replace it with pfSense - IP ( ADSL Router Running in Bridge Mode )

    I have a New CentOS Mail Server Installed - IP

    The New pfSense Server IP

    The Old Debian Server was Using Shorewall for Proxy Filtering and these are the Settings for SMTP etc.

    Accept connections from LAN to FW for Squid Reports

    ACCEPT loc $FW tcp 80
    ACCEPT loc2 $FW tcp 80

    #      Accept NTP connections from Firewall to Internet

    ACCEPT          $FW net udp    123
    ACCEPT loc net udp 123
    ACCEPT loc2 net udp 123

    #      Accept DNS connections from Netware server to Internet

    ACCEPT loc: net tcp 53
    ACCEPT loc: net udp 53

    Accept connections from Firewall to Internet

    ACCEPT $FW                    net:, tcp    53
    ACCEPT $FW                    net:, udp    53

    Accept DNS connections from LAN to Firewall

    ACCEPT loc $FW tcp 53
    ACCEPT loc $FW udp 53
    ACCEPT loc2 $FW tcp 53
    ACCEPT loc2 $FW udp 53

    #      Accept SSH connections from the local network and the Internet for administration

    SSHKnock:ULOG net $FW tcp 222,1599,1600,1601,10000
    SSHKnock net $FW tcp 222,1599,1600,1601,10000
    ACCEPT loc $FW tcp    222

    Accept SSH connections from the Internet to the Other server

    #DNAT net loc: tcp 22
    #ACCEPT $FW loc: tcp 22

    Accept POP3 connections from the LAN to the Firewall

    Limit:ULOG:POP3CONLIMIT,10,300  net    $FW tcp    110
    ACCEPT net $FW tcp 110
    ACCEPT loc $FW tcp 110
    ACCEPT loc2 $FW tcp 110

    #      Accept SMTP connections on port 10025 from Mimecast DC's

    ACCEPT          net:  $FW                    tcp    10025      # DC1_ADDR1
    ACCEPT          net:    $FW                    tcp    10025      # DC1_ADDR2
    ACCEPT          net:    $FW                    tcp    10025      # DC1_ADDR3
    ACCEPT          net:    $FW                    tcp    10025      # DC2_ADDR1
    ACCEPT          net:    $FW                    tcp    10025      # DC2_ADDR2
    ACCEPT          net:      $FW                    tcp    10025      # DC3_ADDR1

    Accept SMTP/SMTPS connections from the LAN to the Firewall and Internet to Firewall

    ACCEPT net $FW tcp 587
    ACCEPT          loc $FW tcp    25
    ACCEPT loc2 $FW tcp 25
    ACCEPT $FW net: tcp 25,587
    ACCEPT $FW net: tcp 25,587


    My Question is: what must (and how) I do on the New pfSense Server to have the Same Settings as the Debian Server

    Any Help Greatly Appreciated  :)

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