OpenVPN Issue

  • Hi all,

    I tried making a config change and encountered a problem. OpenVPN will not start and the system log shows:

    openvpn[36052]: Options error: –client-connect requires --mode server

    What I did was change the server mode from "Remote Access SSL/TLS" to "Remote Access SSL/TLS + User Auth". Interestingly, I am running two instances of OpenVPN, one in TUN device mode and one TAP. The TUN mode instance doesn't have this problem.

    Devs, let me know if I can provide anything that helps troubleshoot.

    Possibly related:,50195.0.html ?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    What size tunnel network do you have set? Looks like what can happen if you set the subnet too small, it should be, for example, a /24, and not a /30.

    We'd need to see screenshots, or a transcription of, all of the settings on the page to say anything for certain.

  • Screen shots attached.

  • Oh, also, I created a bridge for OPT2 (should be the OpenVPN TAP interface) to a physical network interface in the firewall that I want that vpn instance to put vpn clients on.

    Again - this all works fine when the mode is "Remote Access (SSL/TLS)".

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