Xbox 360 on different subnet

  • I'am having trouble getting my xbox to connect from a different subnet.

    My setup;
    pfsense 2.0.2

    wan ip from isp static ip

    lan ip

    subnet 172 ip

    subnet kids ip

    wifi  ip

    linksyspfs  ip

    running dansgardian and squid on kidssubnet
    server on lan running web and mail server and twonky server and dns
    xbox on lan static ip have no problems seeing the xbox live and the twonky server

    can share files to kidssubnet and printers
    problem is the xbox on kidssubnet cannot get to xbox live, (i have going through about 15 scenarios that i have found in the forms and get no progress)

    i want the xbox to see the xbox live to play on line games
    i have a machine on the kidsubnet that gets to the internet and browses fine,
    i have tried  opening ports 88 and 3074 and pfense say it ok but xbox live doesn't connect
    the setups i have tried all have a lan and wan setup running 1 xbox ,
    the problem I'm having is allowing the xbox to talk to the wan side of pfsense
    if i hook the xbox up to the lan side it get out,
    current rules for kidssubnet
    ID Proto Source     Port Destination Port Gateway Queue Schedule Description

    • KIDSSUBNET net * *                 * *         none           allow to all other interfaces 
              * KIDSSUBNET net * fileServers * *         none         allow file servers
      ICMP *                 * KIDSSUBNET net* *         none   allow ping firewall 
      TCP KIDSSUBNET net * 8080 * none   NAT dans forward

    any help would be great
    thanks in advance

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