SARG daily reports

  • I was hoping for a quick bit of help… I have SARG installed & everything seems to work, except that I have to click "force update now" to generate a report...

    I have "-d date +%d/%m/%Y-date +%d/%m/%Y" pasted into the Sarg args box, and even more strange, if I check the PFSense log, I do see what seems to be the correct log of SARG updating :

    Mar 18 00:00:06  php: : executing squid log rotate after sarg.
    Mar 18 00:00:02  php: : Sarg: force refresh now with -d date +%d/%m/%Y-date +%d/%m/%Y args, compress(on) and rotate action after sarg finish.

    However, when I click on "view report" in PfSense, then I see only the reports which I have generated manually using "force update now"...

    Anyone have any suggestions please?

    Thank You!

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