Confused over Bandwidth and linkshare

  • Hye all, i've been trying to get my head around this by doing a ton of searches relating to 'linkshare', but i've just not been able to understand it.

    i'm running pfsense 2.0.2 embedded, using HFSC and using the 1-wan,1-lan traffic shaping wizard for a base template which i've now modified.

    i'll ignore the WAN traffic shaping for now, as that isn't a queue I've configured yet.
    Here is the layout for the LAN interface. abbreviations should be obvious; bw (bandwidth), p# (priority value) UL, RT and LS for the 3 service curves:

    LAN (5073 kbit/s)
    –qLink (10% bw)
    --qInternet (90% bw)
    ----qACK (p6, 1% bw, 1% RT)
    ----qPriority1 (p5, 1% bw, 1% RT)
    ----qPriority2 (p4, 1% bw, 35% RT, 30% LSm2)
    ----qPriority3 (p3, 1% bw, 15% LSm2)
    ----qPriority4 (p2, 1% bw, 15% LSm2)
    ----qPriority5 (p1, 1% bw, 5% LSm2)

    I have 2 questions on this...

    1. Bandwidth value. what is it for? my logic says that my LAN is 5073 kbit/s max, qLink gets 10% of that (0.5mbit). Reality is, that traffic on qLink seems to be able to use 100% of the bandwidth. (100% of the LAN 5073 kbit).the qPriority# have 1% figures, and even without LinkShare set, they do use >1% bandwidth. Have i mis-understood what the 'bandwidth' figure is for?

    2a) Linkshare. I'm a bit confused on what exactly this is sharing. i know the theory is that it can share bandwidth from other queues. Which queues? those that are in the same queue parent, those that are on the same interface with LinkShare set, or something else?

    2b) Linkshare again.... The GUI suggests that it's either a percentage or a hard set value (b, Kb, Gb etc). To keep it simple, I'll stay with %. I've seen references to it being ratio related and that they do not have to equal 100%!? That confused me.... Based on the ratio references, if it is ratio related, does that mean 3x 10%, is the same as 3x 33%?
    If no, does maths then come into it... 3x 10% = 30% in total. Meaning 30% of the parent queue total is allowed for share, where as 3x 33% = 99% would allow 99% of the parent queue to be shared?

    hopefully I've described my questions clearly - they make sense to me atleast! any help appreciated!

  • Hi.
    I will listen here as I would like to know to.

    I do not know what the bandwith is for. I would like to know to. Both with and with out limits in the service curve

    Regarding the link share I guess it is the quaranteed bandwith share if the connection is congested. If there is free capacity then more traffic can be given to the queue. To avoid a queue to use all your bandwith you can add an "upperlimit" along with your linkshare. Say 5% linkshare and 15% upperlimit. Then the queue will have minimum 5% when line is congested and a max of 15% even if there is a lot of free capacity.

    Why you do math I do not understand. 3x10% What are you trying to ask? I you have a queue with 50% and a subqueue with 50% the last will get 50% of 50% = 25% of the bandwith. But I guess that is not your question.

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