Squid2 + HAVP on pfsense 2.x - is HAVP outdated ?

  • Hello together,

    at the moment I am using pfsense 2.0.1 with squid2 and squidguard. My intention is to add an AntiVirus solution for webtraffic on my pfsense.
    I found that HAVP can do that but I am not sure if HAVP is still up to date.

    On github I found this for pfsense:


    And on the HAVP homepage there is version 0.92a published - but in 2010.

    Does it still make sense to use HAVP to scan http traffic or isn't this package/scanner uptodate anymore?
    I read about Dansguardian which can do this but the terms does not allow me to use DG for free and I have good results with squidguard for filtering http.

    Thank you for your help and suggestions.  :)

  • ClamAV is still up to date, so only HAVP will not being updated. But HAVP works fine so far, so there is no problem I can see.

  • Thank you for your feedback.

    If I remember correct on an some weeks old test environment I installed HAVP and I could see that ClamAV version wasn't the actual version as it is on the clamav homepage. I am not sure if all signatuires and programcodes are still up to date on the HAVP package or if these will update automatically.

    Using an "old" version of HAVP proxy isn't the main problem i think because it is just redirecting traffic throu7gh ClamAV but it makes no sense (in my opinion) to redirect traffic through an old/utdates antivirus scanner and lose performance even if the scanner is not on the newest version an cannot find "all" viruses.

    I would be interested if ClamAV is independent from HAVP and updates itself? How does this work on other packages like Danguardian?

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