10G intel card support

  • Hello,

    I have Dell R620/R420 servers and i need to create cluster (2 firewalls) with two laggs of 10Gb interfaces. i have also intel x520 dual-port copper cards. any suggestions, ideas are welcome. i can buy any configuration of servers. i have 10k budget for this project. cluster must be stable. this cluster will be datacenter firewall w/o internet access and w/o VPN but should have nat/filtering.

    this firewall will have 200 vlans on it and need to transfer up to 8gb/s. current firewall transfer average of 40k pps and 800mb/s.

  • I know that the X520 works in 2.1, not sure about 2.0.2.

    Anyway, I'd probably go with a single E5-2643 in each box.  That will give you the best chance of hitting 8Gbit/s, though I'm not sure it will actually do it.

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