Routing PROBLEMS with ISP and big city NAT network

  • Hello everyone

    I have a connection to an Italian ISP called Fastweb with fiber optic connection and a static public ip natted on an internal ip assigned to the WAN card of pfSense

    My fastweb router has 25 internal ip functioning ranging from to I did nat the public ip on the .128 which is also the WAN ip of my pfSense firewall that give internet to the entire LAN with his forwarding rules.

    The problem comes with residential users of Fastweb. They travel on the internet using an internal network with NAT ip or such ip as or or with some sort of public ip with ISP management from web panel and just 20 ports managed. Some sort of BIG italian MAN. They can see internal ip each others.

    All of these residential users can not access any of my services, such as the NAS server on port 80 or FTP server on 21. It does not work any routing rule.

    All other ADSLand others ISP can access, however, without hesitation. The options in WAN "block private networks" and "block bogon networks" are disabled.

    Can anyone help me? I would be grateful doubt afflicts me for months!

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