• Hello.
    Small question, how come you can no longer change the Refresh Interval, is always 10 seconds and you can not even save the two interfaces Wan and Lan, but only the Wan.
    Thanks for the reply.

  • Which snapshot are you on. I have 2.1-BETA1 (i386) built on Thu Mar 28 17:00:31 EDT 2013 and it is all working there - changing which interface graphs display and the refresh interval.
    Edit: apologies, when I made this post I was thinking I was in the 2.1 forum and that something might have broken in a 2.1 snapshot.

  • I still use version 2.0.2-RELEASE (amd64)
    I tried what you say, but some things do not go. for example the Captive Portal.

  • Banned

    Install the widescreen package and then uninstall it. Then it works again…

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