VIP as Default Gateway

  • Hello,

    i use the latest Snapshot from yesterday and i had a Problem with the Default-Gateway. I want to use the Virtual-IP for the Outgoing-Connections. I had configured this in the System –> Gateways (Screenshot).
    But if i use the PFsense as Gateway there is always shown the Real-IP-Adress (in my Example the Adress 123, instead the 124).
    Is this a Bug or do i had to edit the config on another page?

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  • That is as it says, for DynDNS, etc. It has nothing to do with NAT. Properly configure your NAT.

  • Okay. But then i unterstand not the meaning of this funktion. If i connect from the PFSense (without NAT or anything) zu a Mailserver the connect does not come from the VIP. I hope you know what i mean?

  • You have to configure NAT, either Outbound or 1:1, accordingly.

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