Multi Wan

  • Hi I am attempting to set up a multi wan on 2.0.1 It's my understanding that pfsense will not allow you to use 2 ips sharing the same gateway. I own the book and I looked up multi wan and it talks about an intermediate device to give pfsense a unique ip address what exactly is this. what is the best way to configure a multi wan in 2.0 or above? Thanks all

  • I imagine it's something like this

    –------ WAN1 ------(ISP GW)
    --LAN ---pfsense
                          -------- WAN2-------(linksys or similar GW)------(same ISP GW as WAN1)

    I read this too and I think you need at least one intermediate GW so that both WAN1 and WAN2 do not point to the same GW IP address. In this case WAN1 will point to Linksys as it's gateway with address different from the ISP GW. The linksys will then be configured to point to the ISPs gateway. Disable NAT in the Linksys or whatever intermediate gateway you use if that is possible.

    Is this really a limitation in 2.0.2? I thought it only applied to 1.x releases. I'm having trouble getting dual WAN working myself and this may be part of the reason why, but in my case disabling WAN1 so that there is only one one WAN and one GW doesn't help. If you ever get dual WAN to work please share you configuration.

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