How to Enable Web Server Load Balancer

  • hey, I been trying to work 2-WebServers behind multi-Wan setting, but no succes.
    MY network setting is as follow:

    WAN : 210.2.140.* ( if i Plug Cable direct into PC, then Public IP can asign directly to PC no need for LOCAL IP, so thats y using Public ip on WAN)
    LAN : (Pfsense 2.0.2 GUI)

    I can access both Servers IIS localy

    I tried this How to ( )and assigned Virtual IP:, and tried to localy access it like .. but didnt work, and 15/web work fine,
    then i tried to access it from different Network . i did NAT/Firewall rule for on Opt2: (3rd DSL as i didnt wanted to disturb the WebServers for Customer on other two DSL's, so for testing i used Opt2) but no success, .

    Can anyone please tell what i am doin wrong…. thank you..

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