2.1 - April 2 Issues

  • Hi,

    I'm running:

    2.1-BETA1 (amd64)
    FreeBSD 8.3-RELEASE-p7

    More or less been fine, but after updating to the April 2 build I have discovered two issues.

    1: The pfBlocker dashboard widget is now broken, it shows nothing even though I can confirm pfBlocker is enabled and working.
    2: I have the Snort package installed but temporarily disabled, after updating the service started on its own, this has not happened with any other prior updates.

    After updating to the April 3 release, the Snort issue is gone but the pfBlocker one is still there.

    I'm aware there are a few other threads of a similar nature, but my issue seems a bit different than the others…

    Thanks in advance for your comments!

  • I had the same issue, and in fact rolled back until to my good 'image' until this was fixed….

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