Penalty box, wizard didn't use alias name

  • Using the "Single Lan multi Wan" wizard, with 1 WAN, it looks like the Penalty Box did not configure correctly for me.

    While doing the wizard, it says an alias can be used here. I don't have anything to penalize yet, so I figured I should abort the wizard, and go create a new alias called "Shaper_Penaltybox" to put in here so I can use this feature later if needed.

    I do that, come back to the wizard, insert the alias into the Penalty Box page, and continue on with the setup. However, the result ends up looking like this:

    So, I end up with an underlined asterisk in the Source Address, which when I point at it, a popup box says it contains only a colon ( : ).

    This appears to be matching all my traffic, forcing everything into the qOthersLow category and disregarding all shaper rules below it.

    Where should the "Shaper_Penaltybox" alias be for the penalty box to work correctly?

    I assume I should put it in the source address, in place of the colon, but oddly when I edit the rule, there is no colon present for the Source Address. Instead, both the Source and Destination are set to Any address.

    Since the Penalty Box config appears to currently be FUBAR I have disabled the rule until I can fix it.

  • Same here.  Version 2.1-BETA1 (amd64) Sat Mar 23 22:05:08 EDT 2013 .

    Checking to see if a bug has been submitted.

  • Developer Netgate Administrator

    Fix is now committed and will be available on next snapshots. You will need to run wizard again to fix the rule.

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